[my pathetic attempt at tasting and understanding wine]

Bogle Vineyards
Old Wine Zinfandel

First, Zinfandel is the wine that made California California.

Second, wine scientists only recently figured out that the Zinfandel grape came from Croatia.

This Zin did not wow me. It's supple, soft tannins, dark and full of body, but not a lot going on. So, it's doable, comfortable and safe. I would not drink it the first day, more flavors come out as it is exposed to oxygen. Or, I have no palate. Makes a very nice purple paint.

1990 Billboard Top 100

Billboard Top 100 - 1990 list

1990 is a year when the reign of schlock-pop terror (Wilson Phillips, Michael Bolton) was briefly interrupted by fun, light hip-hop newcomers such as Bell Biv DeVoe (#4), Black Box (#81) and Kyper (#100).

Janet Jackson edged out perennial favorites Taylor Dayne and Phil Collins with 5 top-100 hits. 


Best song of 1990 imho: Nothing Compares 2 U (#3) 

Worst song:

Hold On (#1) 

Fairly awful:

Unskinny Bop (#32)


Ice Ice Baby (#45)  and its natural frenemie, U Can’t Touch This (#55) 

We Didn't Start the Fire (#35)

The Humpty Dance (#62)

Milli Vanilli Blame It on the Rain

Mariah Carey’s debut, Vision of Love