1990 Billboard Top 100

Billboard Top 100 - 1990 list

1990 is a year when the reign of schlock-pop terror (Wilson Phillips, Michael Bolton) was briefly interrupted by fun, light hip-hop newcomers such as Bell Biv DeVoe (#4), Black Box (#81) and Kyper (#100).

Janet Jackson edged out perennial favorites Taylor Dayne and Phil Collins with 5 top-100 hits. 


Best song of 1990 imho: Nothing Compares 2 U (#3) 

Worst song:

Hold On (#1) 

Fairly awful:

Unskinny Bop (#32)


Ice Ice Baby (#45)  and its natural frenemie, U Can’t Touch This (#55) 

We Didn't Start the Fire (#35)

The Humpty Dance (#62)

Milli Vanilli Blame It on the Rain

Mariah Carey’s debut, Vision of Love

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